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Discussing Spirituality
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This is a community designed to discuss religion and religious beliefs in an open but analytical manner. Its goal is to foster discussion of various religious beliefs and explore the historical aspects of, and moral similarities between various religious belief systems.

This community places a strong emphasis on logical, historical, and philosophical approaches to the study of religion, and as such the critical examination and evaluation of various religions as philosophical constructs is not only to be expected but more to the point encouraged.

While we do encourage the critical evaluation of the historical origins and philosophical makeup of various religions each individual's beliefs (as principals of faith) are to be higly respected, and discussed in an openminded manner.

Membership to this community is limited only in that I (as a moderator) wish to avoid arguements based on religious faith alone and to foster an open and intellectual discussion of the nature of the divine.

If you do wish to join this community (which would please me greatly) please send me an e-mail summarizing your basic religious beliefs and I will gladly add you to the community.

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