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Sunday, August 6th, 2006
4:32 pm
this may be an oversimplification...
...but I'm willing to risk it.

On the way to Mom's to help her with some stuff around the house, before getting on the train, I was skimming the SF Weekly. Used to be a much more fun paper to read until they removed the personals section. Regardless of how bad a mood I was ever in...a quick skim of them would either get me giggly or scare the bejeebus outta me.

Either way, whatever had me down previously would be the furthest thing from my mind.

Still, the Savage Nation is usally funny to read. There was this one guy complaining about something and he used an amusing visual image of the Pope and that got me to thinking.

The Christian faith at large, not all of and certainly not limited to it, has a rather big thing against homosexual marriage, gays in general, and obviously transgenders and transvestites. From the lowest of the low to the highest of the high these folks are generally viewed as bad and wrong and sinful and...you get the idea.

The funny thing if that regardless of the denomination or disparate branching of the faith, they largely take their heading from that guy in Rome that lives in the Vatican; the Pope. This is particularly interesting considering that most days, possible all as I can't picture the current or his predecessors in jeans, the Pope is wearing a dress.

Okay, technically I assume the outfit has a specific name other than something so feminine but really...it looks like a dress. It doesn't help that the current guy seems to have a perpetually lecherous expression on his face, regardless of mood, but we've got a guy in a dress making decisions on the wrongness of men that like dressing as women...

...partially. The stance is against homosexuals as a whole and not just the transvestites but still.

Something wonky this way comes.

Okay, that's my 2¢...go back to whatever you were doing.

Current Mood: silly
Friday, July 28th, 2006
8:24 am
Thoughts on Jesus
  • I don't see Jesus as my lord and savior. That last bit maybe but definitely not the first. This was a guy that balked at any special treatment that people tried to show him. He was a teacher...not royalty.

  • When Jesus walked on the water, do you suppose his feet got wet? Were there ripples caused by each step?

  • Jesus lived a fair stretch of time and was executed. Then he rose from the dead, spooked a few people, and disappeared. What exactly happened to him after that? Did he go onto Heaven or is he wandering the world to this day as a well preserved zombie?

  • Why did they translate his name? Jesus isn't very Aramaic, the language spoken in his region & time. Scholars, I've checked, say his name was actually Yeshua. So, why is it everyone calls him other than his given name?

  • It'd be a shame if he died a virgin. I mean, with all the guy had to put up with in life it'd've been nice to know he got a little on the side.

  • Jesus was of the Hebrew faith and born Jewish. I've never quite gotten why those that follow his teachings aren't still Jewish...or at the very least Hebrew.

  • I can picture Jesus in torn jeans, blue baseball cap worn backwards, standard shirt with the sleeves rolled up, seated on the front steps of some major library, totally engrossed in a book on Eastern philosophies with no difficutly whatsoever.

  • Don't actually know if Jesus had any brothers or sisters. Don't know if he might not've had kids of his own. Don't even know if he has surviving blood relations to this day. However, wouldn't it be really cool if he did?

  • I don't buy into the whole Jesus being God thing because not only would that mean he got his own mother pregnant with himself but it would kind of lend itself to God suffering from multiple personality disorder.

  • Even though I put no stock in it, can't help but laugh at a notion from Red Dwarf: belive it was Rimmer who didn't believe in the reality of Jesus because any child who developed magical powers and not tried to join the circus was a ludicrous concept.

  • There's been a lot of controversy, in relatively recent decades, about the ethnicity of Jesus given the region of the world he lived in and how he is most often perceived to appear. While I think the message is more important than the man....I highly doubt he was caucasian.

  • I remember this little bit, I saw in a movie, how Jesus first came as a lamb but he shall return as a lion. This tends to give me a hybridized mental vision of him and Rambo.

  • As messed up as the world is today, if Jesus actually did come back it wouldn't be long before he was put away into some federal lockup.

  • I'd like to think he'd be just as disgusted with the production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" as I was.

  • I hate the crucification....and I don't mean the event itself. Going into a church and seeing a representation of him hanging there bloodied and broken, in obvious agony; its barbaric! I get the whole died for our sins bit but that doesn't mean we should have to see it anytime we goto worship. I'd much rather see him represented doing what he did in life rather than the slow and painful way he was brought down.

  • Given the types of folks Jesus hung out with before it occurs to me that the faithful might be in for a rude awakening. A guy that didn't choose to live in the lap of luxury before is unlikely to start now.

  • Similar to the last one, Jesus came up in the Hebrew faith but was largely rejected by its religious leaders. I'd be very much surprised if the same thing didn't happen again should he return and interact with the leaders of the Christian faith.

  • There are many who believe Jesus will return someday but how is he supposed to be recognized? It's not like there's a wholly accurate description of the guy or listing of identifying marks; can't exactly check his dental records. For all anyone knows he may've already come and gone.

  • Reincarnation not being an exact science, wouldn't it be interesting if Jesus returned as a woman?

Current Mood: awake
Wednesday, July 5th, 2006
3:41 pm
No Such Thing As Luck - A Biblical Perspective
Luck’s True Identity

Luck is a much-used word in our modern-day vocabulary. We hear it used over and over again today. Good and bad luck are concepts we actually have known about from our youth. References to luck being the direct cause behind this-and-that event are as commonplace to us as the daily rising of the sun. What luck truly is and is not, however, are going to become fully evident shortly.
The following straightforward presentation of luck’s true meaning should be tremendously helpful to those who need honest answers about this wayward concept. First we will look at what luck is not:
Luck is not fate, fortune lot, destiny, or chance. All of these concepts are outgrowths of pagan idolatry. They describe the meaningless qualities and attributes of false, pagan gods. Consequently, they are bogus concepts that describe nothing existing in reality – they cannot rightfully define luck.

Luck is not an inexplicable force that cannot be understood, explained, or accounted for. The natural-minded, irrational man mistakenly imagined the existence of a force called luck, and then said, “It can not be explained.” The only forthright and truthful explanation for the ultimate forces behind good and evil, however, are clearly defined by God’s Word – our Bible. There are no other spiritual forces affecting our lives beyond those named by this greatest of all books, and upon this reality we can confidently rest.

Luck is not a source of prosperity, nor is it the cause of evil and destruction. Early in their existence, men denied God and His Word. They began to devise their own explanations and beliefs about the causes of prosperity and destruction. Eventually, in Roman times, men attributed prosperity to a goddess named Fortuna. Today, the goddess Fortuna is called luck and people continue to foolishly and mistakenly credit it with the power to bestow prosperity. The true and abiding source of prosperity, however, is God, the Creator of heaven and earth. The blessings we enjoy in life are from Him. The source of evil, destruction, and death is from the archenemy of God, called the devil or Satan.

Additionally, luck is none of the following:
An innocent, harmless, crutch-word that can be used without any real impact or consequences.
A natural impulse operating through personal instinct.
A force that comes and goes in cycles.
An accident, happenstance or circumstance.

Now that we have established what luck is not, finally we can move ahead with certainty and accurately name what luck is, and what it has been, throughout its sordid history.

Luck is a religious devotion. Those who embrace its meaning, sing its praises. They pay it homage. They bow to it within the depths of their hearts and minds, seeking its blessing and summoning its protection from harm’s way. They believe in luck’s power and they attribute its works to many categories of life. Their outstanding confession, and the manner in which they embrace luck, certainly is a religious devotion. A Confession of luck is surely a religious acknowledgement of one’s belief in the power of a god.

Luck is a corruption of sound thought and will. It was after Adam lost his spiritual connection with God that the sound thinking of men and women started to corrupt. The foolish reasoning of natural-minded men sought to elevate their thinking above God’s Word. The evil conclusions of godless men attributed prosperity and safety to idolatrous gods- gods they had imagined and made with the works of their own hands. Their corrupted theology ascribed power to objects that had no power.

Luck is a misguided belief in the existence of a metaphysical god. The supposed god of luck is mysteriously hidden from view; nevertheless, many believe it is a generating force causing good, and working evil. Although there is no physical semblance to see or touch, active belief in this metaphysical god continues. Popular belief in luck is kept alive by the metaphysical teachings of mythology. This bewildering body of metaphysical theology has been elevated to a place almost like Scripture. These legendary, “scripture-like” records have captivated people’s believing. They depict the defining qualities of what luck is. It is to the unsound, idolatrous images of chance, fate, destiny, and fortune that they give homage. Luck has become the modern embodiment of these ancient pagan theologies, and it is to this metaphysical luck god that people knell with reverence in their thinking and believing.
The following is a three sentence, concise, “nutshell” summation for the meaning of luck:
Luck is a religious devotion, an idolatrous confession, a corruption
of sound thought and will. It is a misguided belief in the existence
of a metaphysical god; a denial of cause and effect. Luck is passive
submission to fatalistic thinking; a doctrine of devils that stands
diametrically opposed to the Word of God.
Not exactly the dictionary’s definition, but free from cloudiness. It paints a clear picture. It accurately points out truth and exposes error.
The next time a good intentioned friend or acquaintance wishes you “good luck”, be ready. Tell them you had rather have their heartfelt prayers. Tell them how you look to your Heavenly Father for His blessings upon the activities of your life. Let them know it is God who enriches and protects. Let them know that confessing luck is just a modern day form of idolatry. Teach them to count on God. God is always faithful to His Word.
As “luck would have it” is no longer available; it is no longer a viable option. Luck has had its day and that day has ended. It has been buried and laid to rest. All of us can now say, with tremendous authority, “There is no such thing as luck!”

Excerpts from the last chapter of Charlie P. Johnston’s book, No Such Thing As Luck – A Biblical Perspective, available at www.JohnstonPublications.com or Amazon.com.
Copyright © 2005 by Charlie P. Johnston Jr. All rights reserved.
Thursday, May 4th, 2006
8:18 pm
Other people?
Okay, this "joke" is pretty terrible so if you're not up for getting irritated today don't read it. It brought up an interesting idea though and I was wondering what some of the bible-followers opinion was of it.

The idea is that there are "other people", who were not created by the Christian God, mentioned all over the place in the bible. I must admit that the idea is grasping hold of my brain the more I read in the bible and the more I see references to gods special people who he wanted to be different from the pagans. Also I've seen passing references to other gods who are not refered to as false gods.

here is the link http://www.turoks.net/Cabana/OtherPeople.htm 

I'd like to put as a side note that I do not agree with the tone it is written in.
Saturday, April 15th, 2006
3:59 pm
Hello. My name is Emily. I've been a devout Christian since i turned ten. My
family is very supportive of my faith, but are not religious in the slightest

I'm 16 now. I like rock music, dressing up as a goth/punk/lolita/emo, etc etc (I
have countless costumes that I've sewn. My favourite is an old-school nun habit
:) But i also like girls.

I've been dating my girlfriend for over a year now. Yes, we've had sex. Yes, i
know homosexuality is seen as 'wrong' in most of the church. No, that dosn't
change the way I feel. I don't care what people think of me, as long as I'm seen
as a good person in God's eyes.

I'm honest. I dont steal or do drugs. I'm a nice person to everyone. I try to be
humble (I'm not being humble at the moment, but i USUALLY try to be humble :), I
do ALOT of community service for the environment and St Vinnies. I treat others
as I'd like to be treated. I go to mass every Sunday that I can (every now and
then i just HAVE to sleep in), I do well at school...But I'm gay. Am I a bad

My mother is very liberal. She's fine with my sexuality, but my girlfirend's
mother is not. Latley she's been dropping hints that I'm going to 'hell', that
i'm impure and that i'm a sinner. She's been having alot of fights with my
girlfriend about weather she's going to hell or not. Its awful. I can't stop it
or change her mind, but i can console my girlfriend and try to tell her she's
not a sinner.

But latley, i've asked myself, 'am I a sinner'? Am i living in sin because i
love (yes, LOVE) a girl more than a boy? It's a dificult one. I guess I'm not
looking for affimation so much as confimation. I want to know that what I'm
doing isnt wrong, but I also realise that there is no-one out there who knows
exactly what God thinks and feels about me.

I get the feeling that alot of the anti-gay propoganda coming from the church is
based on homophobia and discrimination rather than a knowledge of what God
thinks and feels. I am awear of the bible passages that you are itching to
refference as you read this (all six of them), and i have my reasons for
choosing not to accept them. Those reasons are, sadly, long-winded and
confusing, but are basically: the bible was written in a diffrent time and
COMPLEETLY diffrent culture. We don't sell our daughters as slaves anymore, so
why should the other 'rules' outlined in the bible still apply in this RADICALLY
diffrent world? After all, a man who cheats on a woman is no longer stoned to
death, just as a girl who has sex out of wedlock is no longer burned. If you
don't mind me saying, the bible is horribly behind on the times, and i dont see
why some guidelines should be scrapped (such as stoning) while some should be
followed to the letter.

SO yes, i am looking for affimation, confimation, whatever. hate me if you must.
Just know that i am, despite everything, a good person, and i will continue to
be a good person, no matter what.

Sunday, March 26th, 2006
10:14 pm
Thoughts and questions
Des and I have been having a lot of good conversations lately on the topic of religion. It's very interesting to me, because we have the same basic beliefs, where we both believe in God, but don't believe in organized religion.

The main thing that Des got me to look at differently which really makes sense is when you think of Nature and God as the Mother and Father of all living creatures. We use the term Mother Nature, and we call God the Father, so the terms make sense.

There was a report on the news tonight about how severe weather is getting worse and worse, for example, this year's hurricane season is supposed to be even worse than last year's. Could this not be an example of Mother Nature punishing her children? Why is that fish somehow know that a hurricane is coming, and swim to the bottom of the sea to successfully avoid the storm, while humans can track a hurricane and attempt to defend themselves but fail? Mother Nature takes care of those who are good to her, and punishes those who don't take care of her. Humans have caused global warming, which has heated the oceans, leading to more intense storms.

I wonder what God thinks when He looks at mankind. Is he proud? Disappointed? A little of each? He can't be happy with the way humans kill or injure each other for no good reason. Would a father be disappointed in a child who kills his brother because he had a cool pair of shoes? Of course. So imagine how disappointed God must be.

But at the same time, there is good in the world, and maybe that's why God holds on to hope. God is all powerful, so if He wanted to, He could wipe out the entire human race. But He chooses not to do so. Does a loving father ever give up on his children? Or does he keep hoping that even though they've done wrong, one day they will finally get it right?

These are just some of the things Des and I have talked about lately. I hope to write about more of our conversations and more of my thoughts, and I hope that many people will read them. I am not trying to force my beliefs on others, I am just trying to get people to look at things differently, the way that Des has done to me. When I say that I don't believe in organized religion, I simply mean that it is not right for me. I am not going to try to convince anyone to give up their religion.

I just don't see the point of why we have to set aside one hour every Sunday to go to a church to worship. One of my proudest moments was when I got Des to look at something differently. She telling me about how she worshipped God by simply being out in nature, and appreciating the beauty that God had created. This made perfect sense to me, and I said to her, "So in a way, instead of worshipping God in a church which men created, you would rather worship God out in nature which He created." And that's my problem with organized religion, it was created by man. From a very young age, I have questioned the legitimacy of the Bible. How do you know that the stories in the Bible really happened? What if the Bible was just written by a fiction author a long time ago? Or what if the stories in the Bible were passed from person to person many times before they were written down, and every time they were passed down, they got changed a little?

Expanding on this with some thoughts that Des brought up, why do we believe so much in the priests? That the priests can talk to God and be the middleman between us and God? God speaks to all of us, in our heart and in our conscience. Have you ever bought something at a store and they gave you way too much change? Your mind tells you to just walk away and keep it, while your heart and conscience tell you to give it back. That's God telling you to do the right thing.

And it is said that the priests are next to God, yet there are so many stories of priests molesting altar boys, embezzling money from the church, and other things like that. These priests say that they are next to God, but they don't even practice good morals that God wants us to have.

Another thing I don't understand is the sacrament of Confession. Supposedly you can commit any sins, then go to a priest and confess. Then you have to say 10 Our Father and perform an Act Of Contrition and you are forgiven, and can go out and commit the same sins all over again. Again using the father-son relationship, this reminds me of a son who's done wrong and then gives a half-assed apology. Do you think God is watching people in Confession and seeing how fake they are? Like Des always says, it's all about the actions not matching the words. If everyone would just say something, and then actually have their actions match, the world would be a better place. Instead, we have a world full of liars, people saying that they're going to be a better person but not putting forth any effort to do it.

So that's the first of my profound thoughts in this new journal. Like I said, I am not trying to force my beliefs onto anyone else. What works for me may not work for you. But I am hoping that I can get people to look at things differently.

Any questions or comments are welcome. This is an interesting topic to me and I'd love to hear from others on it.
Wednesday, March 8th, 2006
10:47 am
Community Promo
I didn't see any no-no's about community promo's, so my apologies in advance if I'm stepping on toes.

Are you a Unitarian?

Do ya live in the South?

Bonus: Are you a Southern Unitarian?

Well then, come join us at Southern UU's. It's a brand new baby community in need of some active souls.

It's actually open to all with an interest in spirituality, especially non-traditional beliefs, but its primary focus is to bring fellowship among those who feel that being a non-Christian within the biblebelt can often be a lonely journey.

Sunday, December 11th, 2005
4:42 pm
Comment Screening Question
I just wanted to know what everyone else thought on this one.

Is it okay to screen comments on a discussion-based community? If someones comment disagrees with your view is it acceptable to just hide it and not let others see? What if the comment seems offensive to you but might not seem that way to others? (ie, doesn't use blatant insults but seems agressive). What if the comment IS blantantly insulting?

This is not necissarily aimed at anyone, nor am I asking permission to do so, I just want to hear the arguments.

2:17 am
About my GOD
I have been studying 'A Course In Miracles' which I began on 1 October 2005 and there are some important disccoveries that I have made, one of them being is that we really have only two forces to contend with, and they are love and fear since the oposite of love is fear rather than hate be-
cause hate is simply an outgrowth of fear and that the ultimate choice, I feel anyway, that we have is the choice between fear and love, and yet we continue to "choose" fear but we can choose love which would then enable us finally, to see and to know, again for we have always known and my GOD wants me to remember that I do know; that I have always known and that it's all about the NOW, which is eternity and eternity is where GOD is and nowhere else. I also accept what the Course teaches in that we are supposed to think GOD'S Thoughts with Him; that the thoughts which come into our minds are perfect since they come from GOD. It's just that once they have entered our minds do we inevitably twist and distort them beyond all recognition therby creating images for we really don't think, at least in the manner that GOD had intended us to do so but until we change our minds, we will only "create" more images for I believe that all our decisions, how we act and what we say comes from these images.

A "penny for your thoughts"; "what are you thinking right now", or, "I know what you're thinking". No, you and I simply don't because we do more imaging which I think would explain why we "judge by appearances", and it is indeed, all about image rather than substance since thinking people will always see beyond images because GOD is a thinking GOD, because GOD 'Thinks' EVERYHING; He 'Thought' this world, this universe into being and of course GOD is still "Thinking" because GOD is a Thinking GOD and He passes his Thoughts on to us and He directs our "thinking" which is what is meant by doing His Will, if we so choose. I grew up a Catholic but unfortunately, the Church didn't really teach me all that much about A Loving GOD and that I am supposed to be terrified of Him, and then there's all this "judgement" nonsense. GOD doesn't "judge"; it's simply not His thing for how can you forgive and judge at the same time, or in the same breath even? We are all familiar with one of FDR'S most famous quotes about fear, but I will only go so far about the idea that "we have nothing to fear....." but not, "except fear itself", because fear simply doesn't exist; it doesn't now and it certainly didn't back then.

9/11 gave so many of us even more reason for greater fear, but it doesn't have to be so which is not to say that I wasn't shaken by such a tragedy because I was and I am still affected by what happened even though I was living 3000 miles away when it happened but my behavior hasn't changed by it, meaning that I don't have to act in such a hostile or so highly aggressive towards others and neither does anyone else, damn, I had hoped that it would bring us closer together in a more positive way, I suppose, but of course, that's rather naive unfortunately. So what will the next terrorist attack do to us, and does that mean that we will act more violently than we are now? Now that scares me and how can GOD do much of anything since He neither does anything for us nor to us and I don't think that He ever has, rather, His Power flows in and through us therby enabling us to do what we are really capable of doing. St. Francis, as I understand it, never asked GOD to do anything for him or to him but rather in and through him. After all, he merely willed himself to be an "instrument", a "channel", or conduit through which the Power of GOD could work in and through in order to lift humanity to a much higher level of consciousness. That is precisely, I think, what St. Franci's purpose was here on earth.

And we can do the same thing, and we can indeed "move mountains" when thought and belief are so combined which would create a" power surge that could literally move mountains". That's a quote from the Text of the Course. So why can't we do things with GOD instead of having GOD "do everything", or damn near everything? I just can't see it that way any longer.

Current Mood: cranky
Wednesday, November 30th, 2005
1:32 pm
So here's a question...I have friend who's Mormon, and I want to get more of a perspective on the present cosmology of the LDS church. Can anyone provide insight into their present or past experiences with Mormonism?
Friday, November 25th, 2005
8:50 pm
Hey all...I've read up on a few of this group's previous posts, and it seems like this group is what I'm looking for...philosophical/religious dialogue at a relaxed pace. Am I right?

I want to join, but I don't want to give out e-mail info? Would it be sufficient for me to simply give you all a little background and then let you decide? Assuming that this is okay for the time being, here's my background:

My family left a cult when I was young, and as a result I grew up in a conservative southern religious background--garden variety Southern Baptist, to be precise. After graduating from high school I attended a large state university where I studied history and sociology. For whatever reason, I failed to gain acceptance into graduate school, a development that compelled me to return to undergrad for postbac work. Over the years a number of unfortunate experiences left me somewhat alienated with Christian culture. Eventually I became, denominationally speaking, a "free agent." I doubled in psychology and religious studies and finally made it into a solid Ph.D. track clinical psychology program. Currently I am attending a Messianic Jewish fellowship. There admittedly a number of theological similarities between this group of people and others that I have known. However, having just experienced many of their holy days for the first time, I would assert that I am beginning to take a fresh view of my own personal spirituality.

Any questions?
Monday, November 7th, 2005
2:59 pm
Adam and Eve
If the serpent told Eve of what the apple can do then who told the serpent and why weren't they punished?
Monday, September 5th, 2005
12:12 am
Entry Time!

I have seen the forty rivers
and the forty bridges of Avalon,
all but one burned,
and that one fallen in.

The waters have borne
the burning burdens westward,
but I will not presume
to chase a river,

They are all liars and deceivers,
stationary while they rush by
until Fate blesses the earth
with a throaty draught,

And the rivers mock
and drown us with a blessing.

Current Mood: blank
Wednesday, July 20th, 2005
9:36 am
hey guys, whats up
a friend sent this link to me early in the morning and i can tell you for a fact that i was wide awake the rest of the day
heres the link and please not its not for anyone who gets scared easy
and if im not allowed to post this tell me and i will delete it
Thursday, July 14th, 2005
11:23 am
dailypaganchat So that pagans from all over can come together and chat about anything and everything!
Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
10:41 am
hello everyone
I made an new AIM account
its on aol and its called

so let me know what your is and we can talk
Monday, June 13th, 2005
3:00 pm
Hey! im a first-timer here at this community, but it looked interesting, so i decided to join. I really dont have one specific religion that im a part of. All religions fascinate me, and im always open to new ideas and beliefs. I like to take different aspects of different religions and sort of combine them to make my own personal religion. Im especially interested in Wicca. Its just so peaceful and loving and very focused on nature.
Monday, May 16th, 2005
3:24 pm
Can someone please explain irreducible complexity to me?

Thank you. <3
Sunday, May 15th, 2005
6:38 pm
Hello Community. ^.^ How is everyone?

Currently, I am doing a paper for my Biology and English class involving my stance on Evolution. For my paper you have to pick if you agree or disagree with the theory of Evolution. My stance on Evolution is that it is incorrect. I decided to “disprove” evolution with Creationism. If that makes sense. Basically my paper is going to be on Evolution vs. Creationism in favor of creationism. But I don’t know how to go about doing it. Does anyone have any advice on how to do it, or any facts, or anything. I’m a bit lost.

Help please?
Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
12:18 pm
I just joined and I'm rather new to the whole LJ thing. I'm a religious studies major in North Carolina. I haven't quite worked out my own belief system, it's so difficult when there are so many aspects of each and every religion that I both approve and disapprove of. I love Christianity, but I cannot personally accept the notion of the bodily ressurection that is so central to the faith. I hope to encounter some insightful discussion and be able to offer some constructive comments in the future. Time for Chinese Religions class, adios
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