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using the name in vain

This post has been edited by multiple evil LJ·cuts to spare the innocent!

9:14 PM 11/7/06 · I was watching something with a lot of priests in it and I got rather fixated on this. When something really bad happens or whatever they have this tendency to cross themselves, grab some beads and rub them, and say something along the lines of "Great God" or "By all that is Holy" or any number of other things. So, I'm wondering if it's not having beads or not crossing yourself that makes it bad if you belt out a whopping Holy Shit! or something like that. I mean the Holy implies a certain level of godliness but to the best of my knowledge no one worships shit.

Granted, most folks mean things a bit more harsh than this sorta thing. More like Jesus Christ! Now I've really never understood why that one's taking the name in vain at all. First off, it's the guy's name...or more a name and title association sorta deal. Still though, where's the harm? It's not like he's peeking down from on High and getting his nose all scrunched up whenever his name is uttered by someone as an exclamation that doesn't happen to have one of those tasteful little white collars.

Let's try a particularly baddie. Some folks are rather fond, for the littlest thing, of shouting out with much anger Goddammit! which admittedly is pretty bad but more from a potty mouth perspective than in trying to get the Big Guy peeved at us. There are those that go the extra mile and toss in the far famed "F" word to make God Fucking Dammit which is just ever so lovely.

Does it really make that much difference for an officiary of the church to say this kinda stuff what with the crossing themselves and the beads and the rest of the accoutraments? I mean, such a person is probably not ever going to say God Fucking Dammit but if they did would it be better for them to do so than Joe Schmoe after he stubbed his toe?

Why is this so bad?
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