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need a translator here

5:29 AM 10/18/06 · In one of the many religious comms I post to, there was this guy that wanted me to read this passage in order to drive his point home. Asked me to read it and get back to him so I followed the link, printed the page, and haven't touched it in months. Still have his message in my e·mail box because I fully intend to get back to him when I eventually fully read it.

It's this first part that I'm taking an issue with. As I understand it...the Trinity is Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. God (Father) is also known as the Word (I thought until a minute ago).

John 1
The Eternal Word

1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God...

etc. etc. etc.

Call me funny (you wouldn't be the first) but this hearkens to my polytheistic understandings as though the Wordm while being a part of God, is another deity or spirit or something or other; could be Mickey Mouse for all I know...which while weird would certainly explain the wonder that is the Magic Kingdom. Of course this could be a combination of how ye olde English, combined with any number of glitches in the translations given that the original text wasn't in English and most things don't translate exactly...

...which I'm going to have a little fun with. My friend Beauty's DestructionMalice (journal's filled with NWS material so don't peek if you're around kids or the workplace) has been going nuts over this Italian guy she's been chatting with. Because of this I've been using this translator program to send her messages in Italian, cuz I'm just odd that way & she can't read them, but the other day one of translation looked funny so I translated it back into English and it didn't look anything like what I'd originally typed.

The original version may not look exactly as most of us have come to know it. Does anyone actually have the original in the language it was written? If you translate it word for word, keeping the exact order it was written, what does it literally say?
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