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Thoughts on God

Figured this was as good a day for this as any seeing as, for some reason beyond the ken of man, livejournal posts hit an all·time low on Thursdays.

  • The idea that any divinity so singularily powerful and all knowing has a specific gender is just silly.

  • God created, fulfilling Its primary function. Then, mostly, It went on holiday; I suspect It's fishing.

  • As any good parent, or guardian, God laid out some very simple guidelines/ground rules. It is not Its' fault that not everyone obeys them and a lot of those that do pervert them to suit their own ends. Kids.

  • On that last one, the simplest one seems to be the biggest handful. Thou shall not kill, or do not murder depending on the text, is pretty staight forward. Why most everyone seems to see it as "....except in the following circumstances" has always confounded me.

  • God had many worshippers but saw that they needed something more so It took advantage of a young woman, ignoring that she was the betrothed of another, and got her pregnant. The result of that infidelity went out into the world and touched many lives, starting another religion that borrowed heavily from the one God had going on. Isn't that just like a wayward son?

  • In "End of Days" an actor playing the Devil made a rather compelling point: Why is it that when something good happens It's His will and when something bad happens He moves in mysterious ways? I'm more for thinking that good or bad, God is not always involved.

  • God is quite possibly the most misquoted person in the history of the world.

  • If God truly had such a big problem with homosexuals then you'd think God would stop making them.

  • Religions are about God, or gods, not the other way around. If there were no religions God would get along just fine.

  • The nice thing about being a polytheist is that I also believe in God.

  • Part of what started me being a polytheist is that as a child I was often told there was only one God and I was worried It must be awful lonely. Sure, there's us but that's like saying that a shut·in with an ant farm isn't actually alone.

  • God has often been portrayed as a man with a long flowing beard...possibly as an extension of our supposedly being made in It's image. There are many that believe the image is not a reference to the physical form so much as the soul. If that's the case God could very well be a big purple blob with a single eye and 3 feet.

  • Even though I'm firm in my belief that God has no gender, every so often I lapse. Sometimes when I'm mad I think of him being male but other times I'm happy I think of her being female.

  • An artist is truly and best known for their work. God made us. So much for being perfect. Then again...we are kind of a work in progress.

  • The reputation of God is the most bizarre see·saw thing ever. These days It's touted as being all forgiving yet, by Its written word in the 10 Commandments It cleary has stated It is a very jealous God. Maybe It just mellowed with age.

  • Back to that particular statement in the Big 10; God acknowledges the existance of other gods. It could so have simply said that there are no other gods and been done with that but instead makes the point that we should not worship them. You gotta love the loopholes!

  • More often than not I refer to God, the most generic title of all time, as The Creator...the 2nd most generic title of all time. Think about it; It created us, the animals, the planet, probably aliens, and Itself knows what else. Yet when It wants a miracle performed It sends an angel, same as when It wants to send a message or have something destroyed. Used to think that maybe God used up all It's juice creating everything and kicking ol' Scratch & crew into the basement but maybe It's not capable of doing anything else other than create.

  • 10 Commandments has that whole bit on not killing anyone (VI). This applies to humans but I think it should apply to God as well; don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. However God is infamous for clever little ways of violating the rules It put forth. Anytime God wants someone offed or a city leveled, It sends an angel to do it. God's hands are clean as It did not do the killing.

  • I've never bought into that whole bit that the Devil was formally an angel thing that the Bible touts. Back in the day, God was not well known for putting up with anything that annoyed It. By the same token, if my mellowed with age theory holds any water, even further back you'd figure that It would've been even less tolerant. So, if Satan (Lucifer at the time) was openly defying God then it seems much more likely that God would've done him in right off. It didn't. Given that I'm open to a whole range of philosophies and the like I've always thought of it as a Yin Yang thing; balance. I figure God & the Devil exist on a level playing field. May even be siblings.
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