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from whence did the name come?

7:48 PM 8/29/06 · One of the things I like about most of my religious posts, other than the truly wonky nature of the things I go on about, is the responses. They range from the people that want to discuss whatever it is I put forth, those that outright condemn me for it, a few that pray that I will one day be shown the way from on High, and the seemingly holy war that erupts among the commenters when they discover they don't quite see things eye to eye. More than that, as I learned via my previous main account, even though the initial outpouring of comments may go on from days to weeks...sometimes I will be pleasntly surprised by someone who decides to get their 2¢ in as far as a year after the fact.

By the by, to those that hope God will show me the way someday...did you ever stop to consider maybe that already happened? Not saying it did, suspect I'd know it less than anybody else, but it is an interesting thought.

Moving right along...

...preamble seems to be the genetic curse of my family line.

I seem to go on about Jesus quite a bit which mainly stems from the fact I find him to be an endlessly interesting guy. Moreso the fact that nobody seems to get his name right, I only actually use Jesus because otherwise no one would know who I was talking about. From numerous posts and discussions, like I went on about in that first paragraph, the consensus opinion from those as or more learned than I is that his name was Yeshua. The last major Jesus posting I did I actually learned the reason why most folks refer to him by the "J" name... the King James Bible, named for a certain King James who started this particular mess, he decided that Jesus was to be called that so as his name wouldn't be confused with another man in there that is currently listed by the name they both shared.

I've often felt the fact that no one in the Bible has a last name was a miraculously ongoing typo.


Kinda scary.

Went through all of that just to lead up to one question.'s a curse on us all.

Traditionally children are named by their parents and I'm sure there was no exception when little Jesus came kicking and screaming into the world. Only problem is that he had 3 parents: Mary (Mom) & Jospeph (Stepdad) & the Big Guy (Dad)... not covet thy neighbor's wife my ass! I suspect this was where the phrase do as I say and not as I do was invented...

...but I digress.

Whatever that original name might've been...who do you suppose it was that named him?
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